Local Press Conference for the 23rd World Senior Chess Championship



The press conference regarding the 23rd World Senior Chess Championship for men and women was held within the Grand hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta during Tuesday 05.11.2013. whose attendants were the following:

 - Boris Golubović, Chess club Rijeka president

- Samir Barać, Rijeka Sports Association president

- Valerij Jurešić, Head of the Department for Culture, Sport and Technical Culture MLC

- Ivan Sarajlić, Milenij hotels Corporate Communications Manager

- Srđan Zelenika , Chess club Rijeka secretary


The city of Opatija and Chess club Rijeka are, for the second time in the past 3 years, the hosts of such a huge and significant chess competition. Based on top level organization and excellent impressions from the participants during the last competition, the world chess federation has entrusted Chess club Rijeka with the organization yet again. These are the only two world chess championships ever held in independent Croatia. Up until now, there are 215 players in the men's and 28 in the women's competition from almost every country in Europe and the players come from 5 continents.

The Chess club Rijeka secretary stated that the regular rounds will be played from 12. to 23. 11. 2013. In hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta with the start at 16:00 while the opening ceremony is scheduled for 12.11.2013. at 15:30 in the conference center Tamaris of the Grand hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta.


The Rijeka Sports Association president Samir Barać praised the organizers and noted that this championship along with the 6th „B“ Open chess tournament, which will be held in Rijeka from 30.11. to 06.12.2013., adds not only to the popularization of chess but also to the tourism of Opatija and the entire region.


The Head of the Department for Culture, Sport and Technical Culture MLC Valerij Jurešić highlighted how chess is very popular in our county(Mountain-litoral) and that Chess club Rijeka is a proven successful organizer of big international chess competitions so he is not doubting the success of this manifestation.


b_200_0_16777215_00_images_milenij.jpgIvan Sarajlić, the Milenij hotels Corporate Communications Manager, noted his satisfaction that such a huge competition is being held in Milenij hotels but he is also pleased to say that they have had excellent relations for the past 5 years with Chess club Rijeka in organization of big chess competitions.

He stated how this manifestation is very significant for the development of tourism in Opatija and the entire region.





The 23rd World Senior Chess Championship for men and women is being organized by Chess club Rijeka in agreement with the Croatian Chess Association and under the sponsorship of the City of Opatija, City of Rijeka, MLC and the tourist boards of Kvarner and Opatija.

Srdjan Zelenika, Chess club Rijeka Secretary


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