Final report for the 23rd World Senior Chess Championship for men and women

Chess club Rijeka has, under the sponsorship of the City of Opatija, City of Rijeka, Mountain litoral county, and tourist boards of Opatija and Kvarner, finished organizing the 23rd World Senior Chess Championship for men and women in Opatija.

In the senior's competition there were 201 participants from 40 countries out of which 10 grandmasters 25 international master and 33 Fide masters.

After 11 played rounds, the first place was taken by Anatoly Vaisser with 8.5 points(without a loss) which landed him the title for the second time after 2010.

The second place was taken by the last year's winner Jens Kristiansen with the same amount of points but due to the weaker additional criteria he was not the winner.

Croatian grandmaster Krunoslav Hulak ended on third place with 8 points.

There were 11 croatian participants and among the prize winners were the following: Branko Rogulj on 6th and Josip Rukavina on 12th place both with 7.5 points.

In the women's tournament there were 25 players from 9 countries and the first name of the tournament was the former world champion and male grandmaster Nona Gaprindashvili(Georgia).

Surprisingly the title was won by the women's Fide master Yelena Ankudinova/(Kazakhstan) with 7.5 points who, by winning this title, became a women's grandmaster.

Second place was taken by Nona Gaprindashvili (Georgia) with 6.5 points and third by Tamar Khmidashvili(Georgia) with 6 points.

Last year's winner Galina Strutinskaya ended the tournament on 6th place with 6 points.

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